What is this place?

Greetings people and travelers, welcome to the Rust Ravine.

What is this place? Well, right now, it’s pretty much nothing¬† but a shadow of ambitions to come.

Perhaps this will some day be a creative watering hole where people can find inspiration, look for a creative counter part. I would like to see big things happen, but at the beginning, we must all start little.

So, here it is at the beginning. As time goes on on, I will modify formats and expand the scope of the site. Right now, all that’s here is myself and some shameless self promotion.

I wrote a short story for the Amazon Kindle library. It’s called Ask Me No Questions, and it is available for sale here.¬† It is $0.99, which I take to be more of a gift than a business transaction, so if you’re feeling generous take a look. It’s the tale of a modern day PI, who gets himself involved in a dime novel adventure.

In the future, I will post more content, I hope. Pictures I find inspiring, perhaps vignettes or short stories, or perhaps other tidbits. Who can say?

Anyway, thank you for reading this. Feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment if like. Plugging your own work is acceptable, especially if you can provide a link to a portfolio or example of your craft.


Where good ideas go to die…